About us
General description of our company

First of all we do not think of ourselves as company but much more as a group of talented developers, a group which was hard to put together but in the end the results proved to be beyond our expectations. We managed to assemble a team of very skilled software developers specialised in wide variety of technologies strategy which helped us a lot in providing the optimum solutions for the projects we developed.

SoftKAM started in September 2000 based on the simple idea that if we built a company that was a great place to work, we would be able attract great talent. We managed to create the nicest work environment we can get providing every feature a programmer could ever want.

Once we accomplished that we were convinced that we could succeed at just about any software project no matter how complex that would be.

We're not writing the same old code again and again. As the software development technologies evolve we study them, try to pick what's best and focus on them when providing software solutions. We are focused on continual learning, mentoring, and education. We're trying as much as we can in getting involved in the open software movement; learning from them and participating.

Our basic goals since our company was founded still remain: reliability, stabilty and best quality.